Parenting and the Importance of Sports: 7 Benefits

The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.”
– John Wooden

Benefits of Sports for Children

By Kristin Farmer, M.Ed. Founder ACES and Aimee Pack, M.A., BCBA ACES 
Many reasons have been found for parents to engage their children in sports. Some of these reasons are quite obvious while others are surprising to learn. The primary benefit of sports is that they provide children with the exercise required to maintain healthy lives and prevent obesity. Regular exercise, when begun at a young age, may also help prevent debilitating diseases and medical conditions, including cancer and osteoporosis. Other benefits of sports for children include:
Benefits of Sports for Children by Kristin Farmer all rights reserved
1. Sports teach valuable skills that children will need growing up and as adults. Some of these skills include teamwork, setting goals and working toward achieving goals. Research shows that children who play sports exhibit several beneficial traits, such as willingness to cooperate with others and persistence.

2. Sports help children make new friends and build self-confidence, because they feel like they are part of a team and can see that goals are obtainable through hard work, cooperation and perseverance.

3. Sports help children with critical thinking and problem solving. Developing strategies to achieve goals is important later in life during school and in building careers.

4. Girls who play sports are more comfortable in leadership roles. In addition, recent research shows that female athletes wait longer to have sex and are less likely to become pregnant than non-athletes.

5. Boys who play coed sports develop stronger friendships with girls than boys who do not play sports. Recent studies have shown that boys who have strong friendships with members of the opposite sex grow up to be healthier psychologically, emotionally and socially than other boys.

6. Kids who are involved in sports and other extracurricular activities have a decreased risk of succumbing to drug abuse later in life.

7. Sports help children stay calm, focus on their homework, and sleep well.

Supervising Editor, B. McDonald Ph.D.

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